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Andrew Sullivan

I disagree. Social distancing makes wearing a mask mostly redundant. A mask may make sense if you know your sneezing and coughing. However, there are other problems.
First, most mask people are wearing won't stop a virus at all as it is smaller than bacteria. Surgical masks were designed originally to protect surgical patients from bacteria.
Second, masks are only part of barrier building. Health care workers, whom are often exposed to bodily fluids, wear masks and more. They clean their elbows, wrists, hands and fingernails. They first put on latex gloves and next put on the mask. After done with being in very close contact with a patient, they remove the mask first and dispose of it. Next, they dispose of their gloves. They repeat the same cycle with the next patient. This prevents cross contamination.

Adam Weinberg

Social distancing can’t be performed perfectly in every enclosed public setting people will be in as the economy reopens. Two or more people who end up in close proximity, such as for a haircut, are better off statistically if each wears a mask.

I do know immunocompromised people who wear gloves when they have to go out, not to mention plenty of people in the workforce, but we’re talking about the bare minimum here with what resources people have.

Speaking of redundancy, I would do more than just wash my hands after if I were going to get a haircut at this time, but certainly if I’m going into enclosed spaces with other people or have to touch items and surfaces, washing after is the least I would do.

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