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Kurt L.

As with most solutions during a "gridlocked" legislature, the end goal is worthy but the means to the end merely adds more complexity and "swamp" to government spending programs. Our country is doomed if we continue to never just pay for what we need outright, rather than the smoke & mirrors of "robbing from Peter to pay Paul". I would applaud any initiative that would just honestly ask taxpayers whether their local (county) property taxes should be reduced, if that is the primary goal.

(I write this as a non-resident Nebr landowner who admittedly does not know much about the inner workings of the unicameral. A simpler approach that Platte Institute has proposed is to eliminate exemptions from local sales taxes as one way to balance reduced property taxes.)

Adam Weinberg

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Kurt! I agree the idea of putting a tax credit into the constitution is less desirable than simply saying “property taxes will now be lower and the difference will be replaced by X.”

Admittedly, I think some of this imperfection is a product of those of us who had a chance to offer those types of solutions waiting too long to do so., and also a reflection that the state has been using a similar approach for more than a decade now with the property tax credit fund.

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