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Drew Sullivan

Windmills can help to some degree, but legislatures need to not buy in to the hype. There are videos of helicopters being used to de-ice windmills. Also, windmills tend to kill wild birds. I think there is room for windmills but the potential has many limitations.

Kurt Leininger

This is interesting but nothing new to those of us who live in expanding suburban areas. We own a 1920s craftsman-style "foursquare" house which we love, and if a neighbor were to sell their home and a developer replaced (or expanded) it to a 3-story "big box" house, it would reduce our next-door view, reduce our skyscape and sunlight, and also increase traffic on our residential street (depending how many people lived in the new big-box house). In that event we would consider relocating, which our Denver friends actually did when a monstrous house was built next to their bungalow.

A rural analogy would apply to wind or solar energy facilities, which I personally don't object to esthetically although I'm not one to bang the drums for replacing all fossil fuels by 2050 (or whatever). If the market is hot enough to pay landowners an attractive long-term price for a 20-year lease to install wind turbines, I would think the neighbors should not legally prevent it, and only minimally restrict it. Increased setbacks might be reasonable, but not to the extent that the neighbor cannot see any of the wind or solar equipment. (I would first want a neighbor to object to an adjacent farm that has excessive weed growth, before they imposed a no-visibility requirement on wind or solar.) Safety issues are another matter that I'm not familiar with.

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