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Mike Starkey

I wonder if the Platte Institute is playing Don Quixote? Since PI success my regulatory board has jacked up licensing requirements and created three more licensed occupations.

Our deep state operation is in Lincoln, the perfect name for a minor league franchise of the DC Deep State Swamp Association.

Since licensing is your specialty in case you missed it, here is a history of Medical Licensing.

Laura Ebke


Thanks for the link.

Which licensing board has created new licensed occupations? LB 299 didn't go into effect until July of this year, and was only passed in 2018, so *technically* it wouldn't have stopped anything even in the 2019 session. The licensing boards don't unilaterally create new licensed occupations--those still have to go through the legislature, and PI is fighting against several proposals that were introduced in 2019. Happily, on one of those, before I even got up to testify, a senator asked the introducer the question: "How does this fit within our 299 framework?"

I don't think that we'll get rid of lots of a ton of licenses right away. I think that we may keep new licenses from being created (although it's unlikely that we'll stop them all).

As much as anything, we've made great steps in accountability. As the legislative committees are requesting information about the licensing boards, that information is getting posted online here: https://nebraskalegislature.gov/reports/committeesurvey_view.php

I don't think we're tilting at windmills. I think we have to look at real Occupational Licensing reform as the long field, and just keep trying to gain yardage. (Sorry, wrote this on a game day!)


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